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Tips, Places, and Stories From Our Travels of Shikoku

Video of the Shimanami Area

Miho and I would love to show you a video of our most popular tour, Cycling the Shimanami Kaido. We've been to the islands hundreds of times, always with our camera in hand; but, whenever we get there, we get carried away riding our bikes, chatting to the owner of a...

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GoTo Travel Campaign

Really happy to report that Hidden Japan Travel have been chosen for the GoTo Travel Campaign. This means we can offer a 35% discount on two tours - Cycle the Shimanami Kaido and Matsuyama Food and Culture. Watch also for future taxi and cycling tours. Please get in...

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Sustainable Travel – HJT Webinar

Miho and I were really happy to be invited to participate in an interview about sustainable travel. Good travel is something we are passionate about...we think it's positively transformative for guests and locals alike! We also believe that we have a responsibility to...

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How to get to Shikoku

Shikoku is the least visited island in Japan. Even though it is amazingly beautiful, very few people make the journey to see us...this makes us sad! We're trying to change that by having exciting tours and while we'd love you to spend all you holiday with us, we know...

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Testimonials for Shimanami Cycling Tour

This page will be updated when reviews come in. All testimonials taken from TripAdvisor. Janinechina14 June 19 2019 5/5 Shimanami Kaido A friend of mine told me they had done a great tour with Miho in Matsuyama so I looked at the website and saw that they also offered...

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The Matsuayama Food & Culture Tour

After many hours of hard work, lots of cycling, exploration, and a few hikes here and there, Miho and I are finally ready to unveil our new tour! This is our homage to Ehime, and it symbolises everything we love about about the Japanese countryside. We've got a hike...

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Places only we know

While we love showing off this part of the world and introducing places that most people don't get to see, we also need to keep a few places to ourselves. We hope you don't mind! We've got the best cycling in Japan, great tours with food and culture, wonderful hotels,...

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