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May 2019
Awesome food and culture tour of Matsuyama
This tour was the big surprise on our first trip of Japan. We were passing through Shikoku/Matsuyama–only spending two days there enroute to other destinations (inc. Shamanami Kaido biking)–and chose this tour as a quick way to see this area. Miho’s tour was so all-around terrific that our visit to Matsuyama was a major highlight of our entire trip! We experienced so many things on this 5+ hour tour–from visiting a small port village, to several amazing food stops, a haiku tea garden, onsen foot bath, saki tasting. We did all this, leisurely biking from one place to the next, and stopping to chat with people along the way.

April 2019
Excellent tour – highly recommended
My partner Louise and I took the Food and Culture tour of Matsuyama. We noted on the website that we would be “exploring secret restaurants, having unique experiences, and encountering traditional culture” and yes, it delivered all of these and way more. The tour is very well designed, and the real bonus is that you are off the beaten tourist path and Miho, being a local, makes all the right connections. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and the little touches really enhanced the experience – the mikan [locally grown oranges), the best ceramics we saw in Japan, a great bakery… tasting a matcha beer.. I could go on……Miho is a top guide and delivers great value for money – and is flexible to your interests (e.g the time we spent in the ceramic gallery) – it is billed as a half day tour, but we did not finish until 6pm, so I’d call that a three quarter day! We highly recommend this tour – this was one of the most interesting days we spent in our 3 weeks of travel in Japan.

November 2018
Bike tour through Matsuyama and Dogo Onsen
We saw a lot of different sights for a day trip. My personal highlights were the traditional Japanese restaurants where we ate Okonomiyaki and Thai meshi. I would have never found these places on my own. Tour guides really nice and you could ask any question about Japanese culture and the area around Matsuyama.