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Tips, Places, and Stories From Our Travels of Shikoku

Places only we know

While we love showing off this part of the world and introducing places that most people don't get to see, we also need to keep a few places to ourselves. We hope you don't mind! We've got the best cycling in Japan, great tours with food and culture, wonderful hotels,...

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Video of the Shimanami Area

Miho and I would love to show you a video of our most popular tour, Cycling the Shimanami Kaido. We've been to the islands hundreds of times, always with our camera in hand; but, whenever we get there, we get carried away riding our bikes, chatting to the owner of a...

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The Best Cycling in Japan

Miho and I have long held that the Shimanami offers the best cycling in Japan. Now, other people are starting to agree with us! We were really glad to see this article by CNN. Why stop at Japan...they think that this is one of the best cycling roads on the planet...

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Why Shikoku? 8.8 reasons to travel to Japan’s southern island

Mention Shikoku to the average Tokyo-ite and their eyes will widen, they’ll break into a broad smile, and admit they’ve always wanted to go. They’ll tell you that they’re planning to buy motorcycles to tour the island’s hundreds of coastal roads, complete the sacred...

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