Cycling the Shimanami Kaido

Ready to book? What happens now?

Step One

Select your tour dates. Do this by clicking on the first day of the tour. Once you have selected your tour and dates, and completed the booking form, you need to pay for the tour. This is the final part of your reservation. You can complete payment by clicking on “BOOK NOW”. You will then be able to input your payment details and authorise payment to us.

Step Two

When you click “BOOK NOW” you will have authorised a payment and will receive an email explaining this. However, this payment won’t actually be collected until we confirm that our hotel partners have availability (this is almost always the case, but it’s just easier this way). This means that your payment might not show up immediately on your records and will appear “unpaid” in the email you receive. This is nothing to worry about, it simply means we are working on your booking. Of course, if you have any questions about a payment you can contact us.

Step Three

After your payment has been charged, we will send you another email confirming payment. We will also send an email with details of the tour – the meeting place, the date, etc. We ask that you arrive at the meeting place at 10 in the morning, as there is a lot to see and do on the first day! If this is not possible, please let us know your expected time of arrival and we can make arrangements.  A few days before your tour, we’ll send you another email to remind you of key information. We’ll also provide you with some details about the places you can see during your trip so that you can begin to plan your adventure.

Step Four

A representative will be waiting at Onomichi station when you arrive. He/She will go over some of the key details of the tour –  this will be a chat for 15 minutes or so to talk through some things, answer any questions you may have, exchange bikes for luggage, and then wish you well! You will have our map with places of interest and detailed directions on how to get to the hotel. When you get to the hotel, your luggage will be waiting for you, as will a nice warm bath and set dinner. The set dinner is included in the price of the tour, but we ask that you pay for any drinks or extras you order on departure the next day. You will leave your luggage at reception and head off for another day of exploration. Following our directions, you will arrive at your next hotel. Where the arrangements mirror Day 1. After leaving your bags on the last morning, you’ll make the short trip to Imabari station, where we’ll be waiting with a big smile and your luggage.

Any questions?